Participate in an ELIXIR survey on bioinformatics resources for human genome variation

Are you a life science professional? Please take 10-15 minutes of your time to fill an anonymous survey aiming to understand and improve the usage of existing infrastructure, resources and protocols for human genome variation annotation and curation.

Our latest video: ‘Swiss Bioinformatics: more than data’

Discover the spirit behind Switzerland’s vibrant community of scientists dedicated to making sense out of biological data...

SIB Days 2018: Swiss Bioinformatics connected

Hundreds of SIB Members from across Switzerland came to Biel/Bienne on 26 June to attend the SIB Days – our 2-day internal conference and a unique opportunity for the bioinformatics community to connect.

Latest Protein Spotlight: On the right track

Left only to the passage of time, everything gravitates towards chaos. Gardens become overgrown. Roads gather potholes and cracks. Relationships wither, and teeth rot. We have ways of dealing with this however.

DNA loops and smoke rings have a lot in common

Why do DNA loops forming different knot types sediment at different speeds? Researchers from SIB, UNIL and EPFL joined forces with Polish colleagues to answer this question.

The monkeys that crossed the ocean

A study, in which Daniele Silvestro and Nicolas Salamin from SIB’s Computational Phylogenetics Group at the University of Lausanne participated, shows that the first monkeys to reach South America by sea weighed barely 400 grams.

July publications

Take a tour of SIB members' latest peer-reviewed articles and conference proceedings

"Science Fiction": Discover science in a different way

Are researchers austere? Is bioinformatics arid? Judge for yourself, with this handsome book published by SIB to mark the Institute's 20th anniversary, thanks to the financial support of many sponsors.

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