One million jobs on SIB's computer-aided drug design software platform!

On 16 December 2018, the count of total jobs run on the SIB Resource SwissDrugDesign passed the symbolic one-million mark.

Mosquitoes do it backwards

Robert Waterhouse, SIB Group Leader at the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Lausanne, and his team discovered that a set of genes in mosquitoes does not seem to evolve in the same way it does in other insects...

Meet the past SIB Awards Laureates – Zoltán Kutalik

In 2019, the SIB Bioinformatics Awards will be presented for the 10th time, providing a great occasion to reach out to past laureates and ask them where they are now in their career. In this interview, we met with Zoltán Kutalik, recipient of the 2008 SIB Early Career Bioinformatician Award.

The call for the SIB Bioinformatics Awards 2019 is now open!

Are you a bioinformatician with a remarkable early career, a graduate student who published an outstanding paper or did you develop a bioinformatics resource with an important impact on the life science community? SIB is supporting bioinformatics excellence through the SIB Bioinformatics Awards – the call for applications is now open.

December publications

Take a tour of SIB members' latest peer-reviewed articles and conference proceedings

Season's greetings and our very best wishes for 2019!

With the new year approaching, and the temperature dropping, discover what Nature has in stock to protect life from cold.

Latest Protein Spotlight: Ice whisperer

No one likes the cold. Humans wear scarves, fur boots, quilted coats and woollen hats to keep the harshness of winter out while other creatures grow their own fur or line their bodies with a thick layer of blubber...

SIB is shaping the future of its pioneer bioinformatics core facility

Fifteen years after its creation, Vital-IT – one of SIB’s largest groups and Switzerland’s earliest bioinformatics core facility – continues to evolve. Find out how the Group is consolidating its position as the reference in bioinformatics for biomedical data in particular, and meet its new director Mark Ibberson.

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