Why a bioinformatics intersection?

Pushing the boundaries of our biological knowledge rely on strong links between life scientists and bioinformaticians. Reflecting this tight connection, SIB and Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2) have joined earlier this year in the shape of a “Bioinformatics intersection”.

The mission of this intersection is to promote exchanges and bridge activities between SIB Members and the LS2 community of about 1200 members, as well as accelerate the development of methods and tools supporting the latest experimental developments. The LS2 Bioinformatics Intersection welcomes anyone willing to discover more about bioinformatics and participate in common activities.

About LS2

Originally founded in 1969, LS2 is the largest life science society and network in Switzerland LS2 has a history of 50 years in federating researchers from various disciplines and in promoting their interests towards the public.

SIB at the LS2 Annual Meeting 2020

One of the first activities proposed in the context of the intersection is a symposium on the occasion of the LS2 Annual Meeting taking place on 13-14 April 2020 in Zurich. Organized by SIB with the Microscopy Intersection, and co-chaired by SIB Group Leader Sara Mitri, the symposium will be on “Smart Microscopy: Machine Learning Applied to Life Sciences”.

Registration is open until 12 January.

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