To maintain our level of excellence and remain at the forefront of progress, at Vital-IT we actively participate, as a partner, in research projects (FNS, EU, CTI,, etc.), which span from a few months to several years. Seven senior scientists lead research and collaborative development projects at Vital-IT. Their skills are inter-complementary and span three domains of expertise: computational sciences, software development, and biological and medical data analysis.

  • Roberto Fabbretti designs state-of-the-art high-performance computing infrastructures at an economic scale and in line with the requirements of our user community.
  • Christian Iseli is an expert in development of distributable software packages that are maintainable. This includes optimizing and developing innovative algorithms.
  • Nicolas Guex is an expert in algorithm development and data analysis, and has expertise in systems biology, structural and large-scale genomics analysis.
  • Robin Liechti is an expert is scientific data visualization and innovative interface development
  • Marco Pagni is an expert in genome-scale model support, web-service for biologists and microbial and metagenomics studies.
  • Jerome Dauvillier is an expert in data analysis in neuroscience and the aging process at the intersection of genetics and phenotypic data.
  • Mark Ibberson is an expert in data analysis in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and comorbidities using integrated network biology.
  • Brian Stevenson is an expert in genomics-based analysis of variations in cancer and genetic diseases.

Research projects

Through multiple scientific collaborations, more than 75 research projects have been supported at Vital-IT in recent years. They were distributed over topics, such as Ecology, Genetics, Genomics, Metagenomics, Behaviour, Pharmacodynamics, Phylogeny, Population Genetics, Proteomics, Structural Biology, Systems Biology, Systems Medicine, among others.

An exhaustive list of projects is available online.
Vital-IT scientists have been authors and have been acknowledged in more than 400 publications since 2004.
A complete list of publications is available online


Examples of areas of application of Vital-IT services.