Amos Bairoch
Amos Bairoch - 24.05.17
Cell Lines: Bioinformatics, contaminations and human interest stories
Sekhar Ramakrishnan Michal Okoniewski
Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan & Michal Okoniewski - 07.06.17
Visualization and publishing of single-cell RNASeq data with eXpose
Karsten Borgwardt
Karsten Borgwardt - 20.09.17
Significant Pattern Mining for Combinatorial Association Mapping
Fabio Rinaldi
Fabio Rinaldi - 13.12.17
Information Extraction Applications for Biomedical Knowledge Discovery


Philipp Bucher
Philipp Bucher - 20.01.16
Overview of the bioinformatics resources developed by the EPD team
Djordje Grbic
Djordje Grbic - 20.04.16
Exploring Phylogenetic Space with MetaPIGA software
Christophe Dessimoz
Christophe Dessimoz - 04.05.16
Making the most out of noisy, low quality genomes
Sylvain Poux
Sylvain Poux - 23.05.16
The art of biocuration in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot
Markus Müller
Markus Müller - 15.06.16
Mining Large Scale Proteomics LC-MS/MS Data for Protein Modifications
Bart Deplancke
Bart Deplancke - 27.09.16
A primer to Single Cell Transcriptomics
Ioannis Xenarios
Ioannis Xenarios - 21.12.16
Vital-IT/Swiss-Prot : The Evolution of Competence Centers from now and beyond


Philippe LeMercier
Philippe Le Mercier - 11.02.15
ViralZone:a knowledge resource to understand
virus diversity
Pascale Gaudet
Pascale Gaudet - 11.03.15
Curation activities at neXtProt

Laurent Falquet
Laurent Falquet - 01.04.15
The Bioinformatics core facility in Fribourg:
A small fish in a big pond or vice versa
Frederique Lisacek
Frédérique Lisacek - 25.11.15
A sweeter picture of bioinformatics data


Marco Pagni
Marco Pagni - 12.11.2014
The Making of MetaNetX.org - Automated Model Construction and Genome Annotation for Large-Scale Metabolic Networks
Alan Bridge
Alan Bridge - 10.12.2014 
The vital role of biocuration in knowledge representation: (heads and) tales of SwissLipids 



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