Medical practice is undergoing a revolution around precision medicine, driven by the development of high-throughput technologies like next-generation-sequencing (NGS). These technologies produce huge quantities of molecular data, which raise new challenges for clinicians and clinical laboratory professionals.

In this rapidly evolving field, SIB Clinical Bioinformatics, in collaboration with SIB Training, has started offering training courses shaped with and for clinical stakeholders, that integrate as much as possible into their continuing education programs. These courses aim at empowering clinical professionals (medical doctors, clinicians, clinical or medical laboratory professionals...) to better understand the essential bioinformatics concepts underlying the analysis, interpretation and management of molecular data and their implications in clinical routine.

Our courses currently focus on oncology and onco-hematology, but additional trainings are in preparation around NGS applications for infectious diseases. Stay tuned!

Upcoming courses

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Personalized Molecular Oncology, starting in November 2018, in collaboration with Basel and Lausanne University Hospitals and Basel University (more information).

Past events

  • NGS bioinformatics quality control and variant annotation for cancer diagnosis (more information). Next session in planning for 2018.

All upcoming training events

To stay informed about clinical bioinformatics training activities at SIB or if you would like to discuss your needs more specifically, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..