Slurm Hackathon (sciCORE)

Date 19 September 2017
Speaker(s) Rubén Cabezón, Geoffrey Fucile
Cancellation deadline 15 Sep 2017
City Basel

Overview and Objectives

This half-day hackathon is aimed at helping sciCORE users to adapt their workflows to the new SLURM scheduler. Following a short introduction to Slurm, participants will be able to work on their own scripts with the support of the sciCORE team. Participants will be required to send us a short description of their workflows (with a copy of their scripts) and related issues regarding Slurm two weeks before the hackathon.

Participants must have a valid University of Basel email address and sciCORE account.


Participants should already have attended our introductory course on Linux/HPC and/or be confident working in a UNIX environment (eg UNIX fundamentals). Please come with your own laptop. We recommended Windows users to work with MobaXterm.


University of Basel, Sky Lounge Biozentrum Annex, 13th Floor, Klingelberstrasse 61


This course is free of charge to all sciCORE users registered at the University of Basel.

Please note that participation to SIB courses is subject to general conditions, available here.

Additional information

You are welcome to register to the SIB courses mailing-list to be informed when the applications for this course will be open, of all future courses and workshops, as well as all important deadlines using the form here.

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