The Productive Programmer

Date 14 May 2018
Speaker(s) Damian Conway
Fees *academic: 70 CHF   -   for-profit: 0 CHF
Cancellation deadline 15 May 2018
City Lausanne
*academic fee includes non for-profit organisations as well as unemployed participants at the time of application.


This half-day class explores how the Unix environment can be modified to improve a programmer's productivity. It shows how simple enhancements to the shell environment, editor command set, command-line utilities, and window management tools all help to dramatically improve a programer's work-flow.

In addition to the specific productivity techniques described, at a deeper level this course is about laterally re-thinking your workspace, getting you out of your existing ruts, and helping you custom-tailor more efficient ways of interacting with, and automating, your own development environment -- whatever it happens to be.

This class is taught by Damian Conway, a well-known speaker and lecturer (see his official biography or his Wikipedia page). Damian already lectured at SIB several times, and consistently received amazing feedback about his courses.


Programmers who are looking to make their day-to-day work practices more efficient, less stressful, and more enjoyable.


Knowledge / competencies

Participants should have experience with an Unix environment.


You do not need to bring anything for this course.


The registration fee for academics is 70 CHF, or 200 CHF otherwise. This includes printed course material. For members of the EPFL, the cost is 50 CHF (as EPFL participates to the cost of the course).

Deadline for registration and free-of-charge cancellation is set to 23 April 2018; participants who cancel after this date will not be reimbursed. Please note that participation to SIB courses is subject to this and other general conditions, available at general conditions.

You will be informed by email of your registration confirmation.

Venue and Time


The course will start at 13:00 and end around 17:00. Precise information will be provided to the participants in due time.

Additional information

This course is co-organized by the SIB and the EPFL.

Coordination: Frédéric Schütz, SIB training group

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