What we do

The group works in close cooperation with technology and infrastructure provides and competence centres such as Vital-IT/Swiss-Prot and sciCORE to combine forces wherever necessary and practical. Additionally, the group advises SIB on technology-related matters.

Competence Areas

  • Design, development, test and operation of technical and administrative software in bioinformatics (in cooperation with SIB Management and other SIB groups)
  • Support and operation of certain agreed SIB-wide services
  • Enabling knowledge and technology exchange within SIB and beyond


  • To coordinate, support, develop and maintain the common technical and administrative services listed in the Catalogue of Common Software Services for SIB
  • To support SIB Bioinformatics Resources with coordination and technical tasks in close collaboration with SIB Management
  • To participate in and support SPHN/BioMedIT
  • To act as ELIXIR-CH Technical Coordinator and participate in ELIXIR-EXCELERATE

Highlights 2018

  • Development and operation of the sib-member-registration system to allow for registration of new SIB members upon invitation of their respective Group Leaders.
  • Upgrade of insights.expasy.org to enable usage and reliability monitoring of SIB’s web applications.
  • Introduction of an Identity and Access Management system to allow SIB members to log into web applications with their university accounts (via SWITCHaai).
  • Lead the creation of the first Information Security Policy for SPHN and BioMedIT Nodes.
  • Co-lead the design and implementation of the SIB game Genome Jumper.