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Clinical Bioinformatics Unit
ETH Zurich
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What do we do?

The Clinical Bioinformatics Unit is the dry lab of the ETH Zurich core facility NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies. CBU offers customized bioinformatics and biostatistics services for projects in the field of biomedical research. We maintain close collaborations with hospitals in Switzerland, enabling and accelerating the use of state-of-the-art multi-omics data analysis. Based on a fee-for-service model, our aim is to meet individual project goals and establish close interaction with our customers. Our strongest asset is the experience in reporting comprehensive bioinformatics results to clinicians, especially in oncology.

Highlights 2017

Capitalizing on the previous work in 2016, CBU was able to finalize several precious projects this year. The publication of the first in vivo mouse model for ccRCC in Nature Medicine is amongst these achievements. Also, the variant calling pipeline of the Molecular Tumour Board Zurich NGSpipe was successfully published and is expected to be followed by a more medically-oriented publication about interpretation and reporting of diagnostic results in early 2018. Together with Valérie Barbié and Patrick Ruch, CBU applied for funding at SPHN to produce a national variant database, combining the diagnostic and research domains in cancer. All university hospitals and several associations have been supporting the proposal, which has profited a lot from the previous work in the SIB Somatic Mutation Calling working group. The Swiss Variant Interpretation Platform (SVIP) was successfully funded.

Main Publications 2017

  • Singer J et al. NGS-pipe: a flexible, easily extendable and highly configurable framework for NGS analysis. Bioinformatics 2017; btx540
  • Harlander S et al. Combined mutation in Vhl, Trp53 and Rb1 causes clear cell renal cell carcinoma in mice. Nature Medicine 2017
  • Singer J et al. Bioinformatics for precision oncology. Brief Bioinform. 2017

Our research topics: