We provide IT services for compute- and data-intensive research. We are composed of three groups: "High Performance Computing", "Scientific Software and Data Management", and "Research Informatics". We offer a broad portfolio of services that we develop and evolve together with our scientific customers. Our portfolio includes resources, consulting and support for scientific computing, software and data management, as well as the creation, adaption, optimization and maintenance of scientific software and its integration into workflows for data acquisition and analysis. We consult on solutions for computing problems and offer courses on various scientific computing topics.


Our main services are:

  • High-Performance Computing
    We provide resources for High Performance and Big Data Computing, as well as other computationally demanding scientific problems. SIS has setup, is operating and supporting the powerful and reliable HPC clusters Euler and Brutus as versatile resources for scientific computations at ETH Zürich. As of January 2015 our HPC Cluster Euler consists of 768 computing nodes with 18432 cores in total and reaches a peak performance of ~570 TFLOPS. We expect to hit the Peta FLOPS limit in the near future.
  • Custom Scientific Software
    We develop and customize scientific software to support labs and research projects. SIS implements software together with research groups, according to requirements provided, to help them achieve results more effectively, quicker and more reliably. The type of software can vary greatly. Find below some case studies that can give you an idea on how this service can be useful for you.
  • Research Data Analysis and Management
    We offer solutions for analysing, managing and publishing research data. We develop and maintain the research data management software platform openBIS on which many of our data management services and solutions are based.
  • Consulting and Training
    We consult on solutions for computing problems and offer courses on various scientific computing topics. We provide courses and workshops on various problems of scientific computing, which we develop based on the needs of our users.

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We provide flexible and robust data management and integration solutions. We have created and are actively advancing the “open biology information system” openBIS.

Users of our computing clusters have access to a rich set of commercial and open source applications covering many research fields:

  • Bioinformatics and life sciences:
    Bioconductor, BLAST, Bowtie, Cellprofiler, CLC Genomics Server, CuffLinks, FSL, TopHat
  • Computational fluid dynamics:
  • Finite element methods:
    Ansys, Abaqus, MSC Marc, MSC Nastran
  • Multi-physics phenomena:
    Ansoft Maxwell, COMSOL Multiphysics, Trilinos
  • Quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics:
    Abinit, ADF, CP2K, GAMESS, Gaussian, GROMACS, LAMMPS, Materials Studio, Molpro, NAMD, NWChem, Orca, Q-Chem, Quantum ESPRESSO, Turbomole, VASP
  • Symbolic, numerical and statistical mathematics:
    Maple, Mathematica, MATLAB, Octave, R, Stata
  • Visualization:
    FFmpeg, GDL, IDL, Splash, VisIt

In addition, we provide a variety of development tools for the most common programming languages (C/C++, Fortran, Java, Python):

  • Compiler:
    GCC, Intel, LLVM, Open64, PGI
  • Scientific libraries:
  • MPI libraries:
    MVAPICH2, Open MPI
  • Build systems:
    Apache Ant, CMake, GNU autotools, make, qmake
  • Version control:
    CVS, Git, Mercurial, SVN

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