Most of our services are special services for research groups and projects. We perform applied research in order to be able to offer our tailor-made services.
Some examples:

  • Further development of a microscope steering software for complete control over the microscope in a cutting edge time-lapse-microscopy-project
  • Migration of neuroinformatics algorithms into a Big Data Infrastructure
  • Design and develop an automated workflow to preprocess antibody repertoire sequencing data, annotate it and build up a database from it for effective statistical analysis of the infectome
  • Reduce memory footprint and parallelize sub-sampling in pyprophet analysis software for protein identification, in order to allow scaling up of proteomics data analysis

We also provide flexible and robust data management and integration solutions. We have created and are actively advancing the “open biology information system” openBIS

Together with a large community of academic and industrial partners in Switzerland, Europe and the US, we are developing novel concepts and systems for data sharing, integration and publication in biology.
Projects in this area include:

  • FAIRDOM: building the OpenSEEK system which is an integration of openBIS and SEEK for European systems biology research projects
  • openBIS ELN-LIMS for supporting reproducible research in biological labs
  • EASE: large-scale, automated analysis of RNA-seq data
  • Swiss eScience Coordination Team / EnhanceR: pushing collaborative eScience research infrastructure
  • Research Data Life Cycle Management: improving tool support for DLCM of active data produced and analysed by scientific facilities, platforms and labs.