Companies involved in medicine and life sciences can collaborate with SIB to complement their internal capacity. Outsourcing certain activities and relying on a non-industrial, world-renowned network of scientists and bioinformaticians provides companies with additional flexibility and enhances their research.
SIB collaborates with industrial partners in the following domains:

  • Scientific support and data analysis: SIB has developed in-house computational tools and acquired in-depth expertise in a broad range of fields and techniques, including cancer subtype discovery, biomarker selection, class discrimination, cross-platform analysis, and meta-analysis of publicly available clinical and genomics multiple datasets.
  • Education and practical training: SIB provides scientists with educational support and practical training in the use of software and analysis methods. This includes the organization of seminars, workshops and training courses.
  • Text mining/web monitoring: SIB develops text mining tools, e.g. enabling the creation of a patient cohort based on patient records in text format or the monitoring of social media platforms in the context of drug safety surveillance.

SIB’s commercial partner GeneBio commercializes software tools and resources developed by SIB, e.g. Melanie, Prosite or SmileMS.