Cyber Security Awareness
Learn simple solutions to protect your data when browsing the Internet.
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When it comes to information security, we are all concerned: for our personal sake, that of our colleagues, of our institution and for those who entrust us with their information.

SIB is committed to comply with the highest Swiss and international legal requirements regarding the processing of personal and confidential data. We have chosen to align with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO, for cyber security see ISO 27001). This implies, among other things, the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures in the field of cyber security. Requesting SIB employees to learn about the emerging threats and how to face them is part of these measures.

To do so, SIB has set up this Cyber Security Awareness Training. By following it, you will learn the simple actions and wise decisions that will ensure the protection of your data and the integrity of SIB’s IT infrastructure. Your are kindly requested to implement all the practices detailed in this training.

So let’s get started!

(1) Discover the crucial moments where security is at risk in our day-to-day lives in a short video,
(2) Learn some of the best practices in a guide designed to prepare you as an actor of cyber security,
(3) Take the quiz and implement what you have learned!
Follow Markus…

Logging in to a free Wi-Fi to work on the move, answering a travelling colleague's phone: we all have very good reasons to do the things we do.

But in today’s world of social engineering and phishing, benign actions sometimes carry unexpected risks.

Find out for yourself by following Markus on his classical work day as a bioinformatician.
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For more information, visit the intranet page dedicated to Cyber Security and don’t hesitate to contact your Cyber Security Officer in case of any doubt.