S3IT is proactively participating and partnering in collaborative research projects with a clear focus on support and providing IT technologies for science. Our core facility assists in resolving current and future challenges around data collection, data validation, and analysis, as well as data publication and reproducibility.


  • Partnerships with research and projects groups in computational and data intensive research.
  • Access to competitive infrastructure: HPC supercomputing resources, capacity cloud computing resources as well as optimized server infrastructures for research with access to standardized tools and software.
  • Bioinformatics service in the form of “embedded bioinformaticians”.
  • Data management, automation and data analysis capabilities.
  • Consultancy and development of software and methods for use in scientific projects.
  • Re-engineering of existing software and tools, for contribution to community resources.
  • Training and education in the use of the infrastructure and software.


  • ScienceCloud, a private OpenStack-based cloud, is a multi-purpose compute and storage infrastructure serving the computational and storage needs of all research at UZH outside of Supercomputing.
  • Piz Dora Supercomputer at CSCS is a multiprocessor system. Currently Piz Dora is in a testing and pre-production phase.
  • Hydra large-memory cluster (SLURM based cluster with up to 3TB RAM, SMP) is a SuperMicro large-memory multiprocessor system.
  • Vesta GPU cluster is a NVIDIA Tesla K80 based system.
  • ElastiCluster is a command line tool to create, manage and setup computing clusters hosted on cloud infrastructures.
  • GC3Pie is a suite of Python classes (and command-line tools built upon them) to aid in seamlessly submitting and controlling batch jobs to clusters and grid resources.

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