Marcel Riedi
Service and Support for Science IT (S3IT)
University of Zurich
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What do we do?

In the Service and Support for Science IT (S3IT) unit, we provide support for science in general, and for life science and medicine in particular. S3IT serves as a partner for both local and national projects to enable competitive research with the advanced use of computational methods and resources. Our team advises groups and projects about data management and data analysis, and cooperates to optimize their specific workflow. S3IT also takes part in national projects and cooperates with similar technology-oriented groups to ensure that its expertise is always up-to-date.

Main publications 2017

  • Graf U et al. Pramel7 mediates ground-state pluripotency through proteasomal-epigenetic combined pathways. Nat Cell Biol 19. 2017; 763:773
  • Ulman V et al. An objective comparison of cell-tracking algorithms. Nat methods 14. 2017; 1141:1152
  • Schmid M.W. RNA-Seq Data Analysis Protocol: Combining In-House and Publicly Available Data. In: Schmidt A. (eds) Plant Germline Development. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1669. Humana Press, New York, NY. 2017

Our main research topic: