In order to promote excellence and innovation in the field bioinformatics, since 2008 SIB has been honouring young researchers and ground-breaking resources on the national and international level through the SIB awards. The next SIB Awards will be presented in 2017, the awards ceremony will take place during the [BC]2 Conference in Basel:

  • SIB International Young Bioinformatician Award: This award recognizes the excellent and promising young career of a scientist, a scientist’s project or a scientist’s paper published in the field of bioinformatics or computational biology.
  • SIB Bioinformatics Resource Innovation Award: This award is presented to a bioinformatics resource (database, infrastructure, code-base, analysis framework, visualization tool, etc.) that is breaking new ground conceptually and/or technically.
  • SIB Best Swiss Bioinformatics Graduate Paper Award: This award honours a paper in the field of bioinformatics or computational biology published by a scientist currently working on a PhD or having recently obtained his/her PhD degree, and having carried out part of his/her studies in Switzerland.

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