As of today, SIB counts some 65 bioinformatics research groups and some 800 scientists from the major Swiss schools of higher education and research institutes. As bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field, the vast majority of SIB groups are involved in several fields of activity ranging from genetic diseases, to the evolution of species, to bioinformatics infrastructure. 

One of the goals of SIB is fostering collaboration and innovation at the highest level of scientific excellence. SIB group leaders benefit from a dense collaborative network and intense exchanges with their peers. 

SIB not only provides an excellent framework for high-class research but also recognizes achieved scientific results through the SIB Awards. The SIB Awards honour International Young Bioinformaticians, International Bioinformatics Resources and the Best Swiss Graduate Papers. 

In this section you will also find an overview of all publications of the SIB Groups. 

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