What we do

Welcome to the Interfaculty Bioinformatics Unit. We provide services and expertise to assist researchers in the context of next generation sequencing (NGS). Depending on their needs, we assist users in choosing the right technology as well as to identify appropriate tools for later data analysis to solve their project. At the Interfaculty Bioinformatics Unit of the University of Bern (IBU) we provide services and expertise to assist researchers of the three "Life-Science" Faculties (i.e. Sciences, Medicine, and VetSuisse) in data analysis and project planning for large-scale experiments (e.g. next generation sequencing, genome assembly). Furthermore, we have our own research programme and collaborate on large and complex projects. We develop methods to analyze high-throughput data. We have a high-performance compute cluster and a data storage system that we use for our own research, collaborations and service projects.


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