Clinical Bioinformatics Group

SIB has a long tradition of excellence in life science research, including medical research. The Clinical Bioinformatics Group goes one step beyond research: it targets providing expertise and support for the organization, analysis and interpretation of patient-related data (in particular omics data), converting these into clinically-useful knowledge and helping health professionals make use of these data. Its objectives are harmonizing, standardizing and coordinating bioinformatics analysis pipelines for omics (and other high-throughput) data across hospitals in Switzerland.

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The principle of this collaborative endeavour is to federate hospitals bioinformaticians across Switzerland. This will ensure that clinical bioinformatics developments follow common principles, benefiting from each other’s specific know-how, including SIB groups’ expertise, and thus harmonizing and synergizing as much as possible tools and approaches within and between hospitals. The creation of this Swiss clinical bioinformatics community, bridging the gap between medical practice and bioinformatics, will strongly contribute to the development and training of a new generation of health professionals in Switzerland and thus to first quality health care services.
SIB’s Clinical Bioinformatics will also contribute to national data interoperability (1) through the definition and application of common standards and (2) by supporting Swiss hospitals in harmonizing and coordinating bioinformatics analysis pipelines for omics data, thereby contributing both to patient management and clinical research.

Group Members

Valérie Barbié (Head of Clinical Bioinformatics)
Aitana Lebrand (Clinical Bioinformatics Project Manager)
Daniel Lew (Clinical Bioinformatics Consultant)
Florent Tassy (Clinical Data Manager and UX Designer)

Clinical Bioinformatics embedded bioinformaticians

Yann Christinat (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, HUG)

Clinical Bioinformatics Steering Committee

A SIB-wide Steering Committee has been created to shape and drive the SIB’s clinical bioinformatics initiative. Its mission is to establish a collaborative framework between clinicians and bioinformaticians, to support the definition of harmonized best practices and bioinformatics tools of clinical utility and facilitate their implementation throughout Switzerland.
The Clinical Bioinformatics Steering Committee is led by Valérie Barbié is composed of the following SIB members:

Niko Beerenwinkel (Director - Computational Biology group, Zürich) / Daniel Stekhoven (Director - NEXUS Clinical Bioinformatics Unit, Zürich)
Rémy Bruggmann (Director - Interfaculty Bioinformatics Unit, Bern)
Emmanouil (Manolis) Dermitzakis (Director - Genomics of Complex Traits group, Geneva)
Thierry Sengstag (COO & Scientific Liaison - sciCORE, Basel)
Brian Stevenson (Senior Scientist - Vital-IT, Lausanne)

Marc Filliettaz (Legal and Technology Transfer Officer) (ad-hoc member)
Heinz Stockinger (Chief Technology Officer) (ad-hoc member)
Daniel Lew (Clinical Bioinformatics Consultant) (ad-hoc member)