Theragnostics Discovery

Robotic Screening & Analytic Technologies
NEXUS operates two fully integrated high-throughput screening robots combining automated cell culturing, liquid handling and analysis tools within a Bio Safety Level 2 environment. The flexible design allows experiments in 96- and/or 384-well format, as well as readouts with an M1000 multi-plate reader (Tecan) and an Acumen™ high content cell imaging device (TTP Labtech) that can be easily integrated using docking stations.

Chemical Probe & Molecular Circuit Identification Tools
NEXUS offers a unique diverse chemical library of 16,000 compounds entirely selected on the basis of their chemical and pharmacophore diversity. Three focused chemical libraries complement the chemical probe portfolio. In addition, NEXUS provides whole genome and various focused shRNA-based and human ORFeome libraries.

Clinical Bioinformatics

High-Performance Computing & Software Development
Through the use of the latest ETH computing and storage resources, NEXUS is capable of undertaking projects on any computational scale. NEXUS applies modern web-based tools for data exploration and visualization. An additional key asset of NEXUS is the development of customized software.

Data Integration and Analyses With Domain Expertise
The NEXUS team has broad experience in bioinformatics, statistics and programming. The combined application of these expertises allows seamless integration of multivariate statistics with bioinformatics, and offers maximum flexibility, quality control and prioritization to turn data into knowledge. By continuously extending its capacity for the integration of heterogeneous data, NEXUS is capable of providing comprehensive multidimensional analyses and visualizations of results.

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theragnostics discovery

Snapshot of a fully integrated high-throughput screening robot handling a 96-well plate.



clinical bioinformatics

Representation of differentially expressed signalling pathway clusters annotated with occurrence-based keywords from involved pathway names. The figure was generated using a script and no human interaction.