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SIB workshop on Computational Biology at Biology18



Vision and mission


The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics fosters excellence in data science to support progress in biological research and health.


SIB leads and coordinates the field of bioinformatics in Switzerland. Our data science experts join forces to advance biological and medical research and enhance health. SIB:

  1. provides the national and international life science community with a state-of-the-art bioinformatics infrastructure, including resources, expertise and services,
  2. federates world-class researchers and delivers training in bioinformatics.

To achieve its mission, SIB is committed to

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  • Creating, maintaining and disseminating worldwide a large portfolio of reliable, sustainable and top-quality core bioinformatics services and resources, such as databases, software and competence centres
  • Serving the national life science community by offering easily accessible world-class competencies, expertise and support in bioinformatics
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  • Supporting hospitals and clinicians with know-how, resources and infrastructure dedicated to personalized health 
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  • Bringing together bioinformatics research groups from Swiss universities and research institutes
  • Fostering collaboration and innovation at the highest level of scientific excellence 
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  • Providing life scientists, clinicians, and PhD students with a large portfolio of courses and workshops
  • Fostering exchanges among bioinformatics and computational biology PhD students and training them in the most up-to-date methods necessary for their doctoral research 
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  • Representing and promoting bioinformatics locally and internationally

What is bioinformatics

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