As part of a biomedical research institute with over twenty experimental research groups, an important aspect of our work is the training of biologists in data analysis and visualization, as well as the development and maintenance of our FMI bioinformatics infrastructure including software and hardware that can be accessed via the web or by remote login. We also engage in close collaborations with experimental research groups at the FMI, from experiment design to data processing and interpretation. The majority of data analysed in the group comes from Next-Generation Sequencing. However, our projects reflect the broad research interests of FMI’s groups and also include data such as images and neurophysiological measurements.


  • Collaborations with experimental laboratories;
  • Bioinformatics helpdesk;
  • Teaching (courses, seminars).


We offer resources adapted to the needs and computational background of our customers, including:

  • a local Galaxy server, which allows the execution of many Bioinformatics tools including standard NGS analysis within a web browser;
  • a local Rstudio server, which provides a graphical user interface for the R programming language;
  • login to Linux computers on which we provide many tools (including a whole range of R/Bioconductor packages) and indexed databases.

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