The SIB Days 2018 took place on 26 - 27 June 2018 in Biel/Bienne, a prime opportunity for SIB members to discuss their work, promote collaborations, and foster a sense of community.

Image: "Firework", from Mark Ibberson

Fireworks… and some birthday cake to celebrate SIB’s 20th anniversary. While most people would gladly enjoy a slice – or two – of birthday cake, some others have to restrain themselves. Why is it that an extra dose of sugar leads to diabetes in some people? And once there, how does the disease evolve over time? At SIB, data scientists are working together with experimental biologists to better understand the progression of diabetes over time, using advanced computational methods and visualization tools. This image represents a network of relationships (arcs) between genes, cellular pathways and traits associated with diabetes.

The image was produced by Mark Ibberson, a senior scientist at SIB’s Vital-IT Competence centre.