This is an overview of the preliminary programme for the SIB Days 2018. A detailed version, along with other important information such as poster lists & abstracts and hotel locations, is available on the SIB Days conference app. Please refer to previous emails for the installation of the conference app or contact the organizing team. You can also download a pdf version.

Tuesday 26 June

9:00-10:00 Registration (Foyer)
10:00-10:30 Welcome speech (Kongresssaal)
10:30-11:15 Special Topic: Insights into the Swiss Personalized Health Network (Kongresssaal)
Manfred Claassen (ETH Zurich & SIB), Ernst Hafen (ETH Zurich)
11:15-12:15 Keynote lecture: DNA, data storage, bitcoin, James Joyce: the bioinformatics connection (Kongresssaal)
Nick Goldman (EMBL-EBI)
12:15-12:50 Poster spotlights (Kongresssaal)
  • Analysis and prediction of HLA interaction with phosphorylated peptides - Marthe Solleder (Group: David Gfeller)
  • A cloud-based service for the automated creation of genome-scale metabolic network model from a microbial genome - Sebastien Moretti (Group: Vital-IT)
  • Use of the Rhea reaction resource in UniProtKB: enzyme annotation for metabolic and metabolomic data mining and integration - Anne Morgat (Group: Alan Bridge)
  • Swiss-PO. A new Web tool to help predicting mutation pathogenicity for precision oncology - Fanny Krebs (Group: Olivier Michielin)
  • Applying One-Class learning algorithms for predicting phage-bacteria interactions - Juan López (Group: Carlos Peña)
  • Model Archive - a deposition system for persistent archiving of theoretical protein structure models - Jürgen Haas (Group: Torsten Schwede)
  • Herpesvirus resource in ViralZone - Patrick Masson (Group: Alan Bridge)
  • The Swiss Molecular Tumor Board: Comprehensive Molecular Cancer Diagnostics in the Clinics - Franziska Singer (Group: Daniel Stekhoven)
  • Gaussian Processes for time-lapse microscopy data - Athos Fiori (Group: van Nimwegen)
  • Embedded fast pathogen detection in resource limited conditions - Simone Casale-Brunet (Group: Vital-IT)
  • Pairing TCR to pMHC: A Keystone in Immunotherapy - Marta A. S. Perez (Group: Vincent Zoete)
  • V-pipe - Pipeline analysing NGS data of short viral genomes - Ivan Topolsky (Group: Niko Beerenwinkel)
  • Update on arrayMap Cancer Genome Resource - Qingyao Huang (Group: Michael Baudis)
  • From reads to tree skipping assembly, gene annotation and orthology prediction - David Dylus (Group: Christophe Dessimoz)
  • Ligand-Protein Interaction Fingerprints for Virtual Screening and Computer-Aided Drug Design - Krystel El Hage (Group: Vincent Zoete)
12:50-14:50 Lunch and poster session 1 (Foyer)
14:50-16:30 Session 1 (Kongresssaal)
  • Curation is key: quantifying the impact of manual gene annotation improvements
    Robert Waterhouse (Group: Robert Waterhouse)
  • Curation of rapidly-evolving and potentially controversial hypotheses of anatomical homology
    Frédéric Bastian (Group: Marc Robinson-Rechavi)
  • A comparative analysis of empirical genotype-phenotype maps
    Joshua Payne (Group: Joshua Payne)
  • Interplay between Notch signaling and ID factors during adult and embryonic neurogenesis
    Marcelo Boareto (Collaborating group: Dagmar Iber)
  • Rare codons enhance translation of mRNAs required for cellular proliferation
    João Guimarães (Group: Mihaela Zavolan)
Session 2 (Vereinsaal)
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Alternative Splicing Across Tumors from 8,705 Patients
    Kjong-Van Lehmann (Group: Gunnar Rätsch)
  • Vital-DH projects@Vital-IT: research and infrastructure challenges
    Martial Sankar and Claire Clivaz (Group: Vital-IT)
  • A SPARQLing example of federated genome and proteome annotation - HAMAP
    Jerven Bolleman (Group: Alan Bridge)
  • Pushing the limits of de novo genome assembly for complex prokaryotic genomes and enabling accurate genome annotation by proteogenomics
    Michael Schmid (Group: Christian Ahrens)
  • Knoto-ID, a tool for the topological analysis of open protein chains using the concept of knotoids
    Dimoklis Goundaroulis (Group: Andrzej Stasiak)
16:35 -17:25 General assembly SIB employees (Kongresssaal) SIB PhD Training Network Get Together (Vereinsaal)
From 17:30 Cocktail
Beach of Biel/Bienne
19:00 Dinner and evening programme
Beach of Biel/Bienne

Wednesday 27 June

Lottery tickets till 9:29
9:30-10:25 Lightning talks (Kongresssaal)
  • Glyconnect, a platform to explore glycoproteins in cancer - Davide Alocci (Group: Frédérique Lisacek)
  • Exploration a large spectrum of machine-learning techniques to predict phage-bacterium interactions - Diogo Leite (Group: Carlos Peña)
  • Large-scale reanalysis of proteomics data - An application to the HeLa cell line - Thibault Robin (Group: Lydie Lane, Amos Bairoch)
  • Association of novel and highly divergent human viruses to diseases of unknown etiology, using metagenomics - Francisco Brito (Group: Evgeny Zdobnov)
  • Tree-ensemble analysis tests for presence of multifurcations in single cell data - Will Macnair (Group: Manfred Claassen)
  • Structure-based database of B-propeller lectins for identification and prediction in nature - François Bonnardel (Group: Frédérique Lisacek)
  • Towards hypothesis-free identification of disease-associated immune cell signatures - an application to multiple sclerosis - Eirini Arvaniti (Group: Manfred Claassen)
  • Characterising gene evolutionary-functional correspondences for an enhanced resolution of gene function - Livio Ruzzante (Group: Robert Waterhouse)
  • Bionotator and NRPro: Bioinformatics Tools for the study of Nonribosomal Peptides - Emma Ricart Altimiras (Group: Frédérique Lisacek)
  • Whole genome sequencing and comparative genomics of 9 Pseudomonas strains to explore their differing protective effects against potato late blight - Adithi Varadarajan (Group: Christian Ahrens)
10:25-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-13:00 Parallel workshops (Check rooms on-site)
  1. Building a SIB Resources Community around User-centered Design and Knowledge Sharing
  2. Handling biomedical data with BioMedIT infrastructures for personalized medicine
  3. HPC Tools for Reproducible Research and Training: Singularity and Hail Genomics
  4. Embedded bioinformatics @ SIB, the past, present and future
  5. Computer-aided drug design with SwissDrugDesign
  6. Data quality control – who, what, when, where and how
  7. Single Cell protocols – From raw reads to cell clusters in a few easy steps
13:00-15:00 Lunch and poster session 2 (Foyer)
15:00-15:40 Special Topic: Big data: challenges and some solutions (Kongresssaal)
Christophe Dessimoz (University of Lausanne & SIB, University College London)
15:40-16:40 Keynote lecture: Single-cell RNA sequencing and the Human Cell Atlas (Kongresssaal)
Fabian Theis (Technische Universität München)
16:40-16:55 Awards & Lottery Draws (Kongresssaal)
16:55-17:05 Wrap-up & Farewell (Kongresssaal)