Consultancy on experimental design for genomics

In our experience, the consultancy on experimental design is an important step towards a successful implementation of the research question. We therefore require researchers of the department to contact us before data generation. Our consultancy includes advice on sample size, control experiments, sequencing protocols and costs. To this end, we are in close contact with Basel sequencing facility at the D-BSSE headed by Dr. Christian Beisel.

RStudio Server

We prefer to use open-source software, and R software is our favourite tool. Together with sciCORE group, we maintain the R Studio Server installation which allows our collaborators to easily access R without having to install it on their own computer. Together with R Studio Server we provide a large collection of pre-installed Bioconductor libraries.

Shiny Server

As the data are becoming bigger, it is often difficult to explore them with traditional tools originally derived for office work. We therefore maintain (together with sciCORE group) Shiny server to host applications for interactive data exploration. We also develop several custom applications to share the results of our analyses.

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