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    What we do The Clinical Bioinformatics Unit is the dry lab of the ETH Zurich core facility NEXUS Personalized Health Technologies. CBU offers customized bioinformatics and biostatistics services for projects in the field of biomedical research. We...

  • Focus on Clinical Bioinformatics: Bridging the gap between data science and medicine

    “Stick out your tongue and say... ‘omics’”.In addition to patients’ vital signs or eating habits, molecular profiling data is increasingly becoming part of the medical practitioners’ toolbox. But these ‘omics’ data pose novel challenges, for...

  • Outcome of SPHN first project call: a focus on SIB-led projects

    The National Steering Board of SPHN has recently approved the 15 projects that will help develop the infrastructure required to make health-related data interoperable and shareable across Switzerland.