Metabolomics for Life and Health Scientists

Date 3 - 4 December 2018
Fees *academic: 120 CHF   -   for-profit: 600 CHF
Cancellation deadline 23 Nov 2018
City Lausanne
*academic fee includes non for-profit organisations as well as unemployed participants at the time of application.

This course is co-organised by the CUSO/StarOmics doctoral program. Priority is given to its members, but is open to everyone.


We aim at detailing state-of-the-art advancement of metabolomics, which represents a powerful approach and an alternative to the classical other omics. It represents a better phenotypic picture by reflecting the biochemical activity of the cells. This course will provide an overview of typical workflow of metabolomics experiment (from data to biological knowledge).


This course is addressed mainly to PhD students and postdocs.

Learning objectives

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to be able to:

  • design their MS based metabolomics experiments;
  • analyse and interpret LC-MS metabolomics data;
  • understand and discuss current trends and challenges in metabolomics


Knowledge / competencies

Although not required, basic knowledge of mass spectrometry, analytical chemistry, and statistics is a plus.


Monday 3 December

9h00 - 10h30 Introduction to metabolomics (Julijana Ivanisevic)

10h30 - 11h00 Coffee break

11h00 - 12h30 MS based metabolomics analysis (Hector Gallart-Ayala)

12h30 - 14h00 Lunch

14h00 - 15h30 Statistical multivariate analysis (Julien Boccard)

15h30 - 16h00 Coffee break

16h00 – 17h30 Data integration (Julien Boccard)

Tuesday 4 December

9h00 - 10h30 Pathway analysis - Metexplore (Fabien Jourdan)

10h30 - 11h00 Coffee break

11h00 - 12h30 Pathway analysis - Metexplore (Fabien Jourdan)

12h30 - 14h00 Lunch

14h00 - 16h30 Presentation of case studies


The course is closed.

Deadline for registration and free-of-charge cancellation is set is set to 23/11/2018. Cancellation after this date will not be reimbursed. Please note that participation to SIB courses is subject to our general conditions.

You will be informed by email of your registration confirmation.

Venue and Time

University of Lausanne The course will start at 9:00 and end around 17:00-17:30. Precise information will be provided to the participants on due time.

Additional information

Coordination: Grégoire Rossier (SIB) and Corinne Dentan (CUSO/Staromics).

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