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“A very much needed infrastructure that will help to stimulate and carry out ‘rocket science’”. This is what the recent scientific evaluation of the SwissBioData ecosystem (SBDe) reported, giving it the highest possible score. Never heard of SBDe? It is an ambitious proposal, co-led by SIB, to foster the country’s capacity to convert research data into knowledge and innovation: keep reading to know more!

Also in this edition: the impact of Swiss bioinformatics for society, an interview with Joint Executive Director Christophe Dessimoz, applications of AI to the scientific literature and antibiotic resistance and a ‘Chickenosaurus’.


Top score for the SwissBioData ecosystem in scientific evaluation: find out more about the proposal led by SIB together with 16 other Swiss institutions.
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Idiap and SIB start a partnership: bringing AI and bioinformatics closer in Switzerland, Idiap and SIB signed a collaboration agreement.
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(Re)discover the SIB Profile 2021, our annual activity report with key highlights of Swiss biological and biomedical data science at the institute.

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Have you ever wondered how bioinformatics contributes to health and biodiversity?
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An interview with Christophe Dessimoz, SIB’s Joint Executive Director since April, where he explains his take on SIB’s mission to sustain biological knowledge.
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The Swiss bioinformatics summit 2022, our community conference, gathered 340 members and employees from across Switzerland in June.
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LS2 Prestige Webinar with Group Leader Robert Waterhouse, 25 October 2022, 14-15h. The webinar will be virtually hosted by Group Leader Katja Bärenfaller.

BioTechX, 8-10 November 2022, Congress Center Basel. Do not miss the talks of Group Leaders Valérie Barbié, Mark Ibberson & Katrin Crameri, and Team Lead Sabine Österle.



"It is urgent that we talk about antibiotic resistance". Aitana Neves, Team Lead Data Science and Adrian Egli (University of Zurich) answer a few questions in an interview in Basler Zeitung – Life science supplement.
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Discover the two new in silico talks: AI-powered extraction of biomedical relationships from the literature and how to predict clinical antimicrobial resistance.

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Could the proteins essential to sex-cell fusion predate… sex? Read the findings from the international team of researchers including at SIB.
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The Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN): solutions for researchers, from biomedical project planning to health data recruitment, from data transfer and analysis to their reuse.
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The SIB Resource V-Pipe supports national wastewater surveillance for COVID-19, an effective way of overseeing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the population.
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The genetic origins of the world’s first farmers
clarified in a study published in the journal Cell.
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Welcoming applications to the CAS Personalized Molecular Oncology until 30 September 2022: If you are a biologist, bioinformatician, pathologist or clinician, this course will provide you with a comprehensive and integrative view of the field.
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Latest Protein spotlight: The colour red. Plants cannot walk. Unable to drift down to the local café, attend this evening's book launch or gate-crash a party, flowers have had to resort to other ways of connecting…
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CQFD RTS: what is the purpose of the Swiss Pathogen Surveillance Platform (SPSP), co-led by SIB?
Learn about its use, how it fosters Open Science and more, with Team Lead Aitana Neves. 
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What do chicken and T-rex have in common?
Discover the new story ‘Chickenosaurus’ on

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