Although researchers are welcome to conduct their own analyses themselves, this type of large-scale data analysis often requires time, knowledge and computational resources that researchers lack. Therefore, we provide expertise for NGS data analysis including read mapping, de novo assembly, mutant screening, transcriptomics, epigenomics, whole exome and comparative genomics analysis.


We are dedicated to supporting life-science researchers for large-scale projects requiring bioinformatics and to teach bioinformatics to researchers and at the Bachelor and Master levels.

Our main activities include:

  • Project planning and grant writing: we help researchers in planning their experiments and write the bioinformatics chapters of grant requests
  • Software testing and development: we install and test bioinformatics software, and help in the development of new tools
  • Data management and analysis: we manage and analyse data upon request (subject to a fee)
  • Training and teaching: we organize training workshops and teach bioinformatics classes at the Bachelor, Master’s and PhD levels.


PACMAN: PACific biosciences Methylation Analyzer: This web server is used to generate a graphical view of the most important methylation motifs.
Vital-IT: The University of Fribourg has a partnership with Vital-IT, which allows researchers to access large computing and storage infrastructures to conduct high throughput data analyses.

More information about our services and resources

AviC methvsunmeth

The methylated and unmethylated motifs of Avibacterium paragallinarum type C. Undermethylated regions shown in orange represent phages inserted into the genome. The purple arrow highlights a toxin operon heavily methylated.