Bridging science and art can promote exchanges between scientific experts and the community. For instance, did you know that music may help people to become more familiar with life science concepts such as cloning, sequencing, genomes or chromosomes? Indeed, SIB asked the French composer Olivier Calmel to express the human genome complexity through a string quartet called Opus 23 - Music for a Gene. This was a unique opportunity to explore how music can be inspired by science and become a representation of scientific concepts.

The musical piece, Opus 23 – Music for a Gene, was performed several times by the Ramses Quartet composed of Abdel Hamid el Shwekh and Sidonie Bougamont (violins), Galina Favereau (viola) and Alain Doury (cello).

Opus23Théâtre Cité Bleue, Geneva, 25 June 2014.

SIB proposes Science & Music events for the layman that include:

  • a short presentation about how and why to use music to introduce scientific concepts
  • a conference by SIB experts about specific concepts in the fields of genetics and bioinformatics
  • a live music performance of Opus 23 - Music for a Gene.

Both the conferences and the music are adapted to a non-specialized audience.

If you wish to organize such an event at your institution in collaboration with SIB, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..