SIB has a unique organization: Modelled on Switzerland’s federal structure, SIB is a federation of bioinformatics research and service groups from the major Swiss schools of higher education and research institutes. The group leaders are senior academic staff of partner institutions, while a number of the scientists are paid directly by SIB. The relationship between the academic world and SIB represents an efficient form of symbiosis: both SIB and the host institutions gain from intergroup synergies and from the national and international recognition of the high quality of its science and services. Although each research group carries out its own research and teaching activities independently within its host institution, it can benefit from a wide range of resources and support provided by SIB.

Moreover, SIB offers its partner institutions an efficient nationwide coordination of bioinformatics research, core resources and teaching activities. In return, the Swiss schools of higher education and research institutes provide SIB members with the infrastructure needed to perform their tasks.

SIB is governed by the bodies in red:


governance 2017 Foundation Council Board of Directors Scientific Advisory Board Council of Group Leaders