Taming the BEAST – A community teaching material resource for BEAST 2

As the amount of sequencing data increases there is a growing demand for the skills and experience to confidently conduct phylogenetic and phylodynamic analyses. PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from Prof. Stadler’s group launched an initiative to fill this gap and provide the resources necessary to learn how to perform analyses with the Bayesian phylogenetic software package BEAST2. BEAST2 is a complex program and it is challenging to learn how to conduct high-quality analyses without the help of an expert. “Taming the BEAST” is an online community teaching material resource consisting of a comprehensive collection of tutorials written by experts in the field. The website goes hand-in-hand with a series of summer schools where BEAST2 users get the opportunity to interact with developers during an intensive one week course (the first one was initiated and run in Switzerland by Prof. Stadler’s group, the second one took place in New Zealand, and the third one will take place in London in July 2017). Thanks to the modular design of the website, members of the community can curate and contribute tutorials. We are confident that "Taming the BEAST" will help the BEAST2 community to grow and make Bayesian phylogenetics more accessible to researchers around the world. Link to the publication