Dr Alan Bridge appointed as co-director of SIB’s Swiss-Prot group

Dr Alan Bridge has been appointed as the new co-director of the Swiss-Prot group of the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, with effect from 1 November 2017. He succeeds Dr Lydie Bougueleret, who has announced her retirement after 12 years in the post. Under Lydie’s co-leadership, the Geneva-based group strengthened its position as a world-leading centre for biocuration and bioinformatics resource development. “I am glad of the way the database evolved in terms of production efficiency, without ever giving up on quality” says Lydie, who will enjoy a well-earned retirement.
In his new role – and after nearly 8 years as annotation coordinator – Alan will share responsibility for all aspects of the group’s work with Prof. Ioannis Xenarios, including resource development, training and outreach, and coordination with its international partners.
The Swiss-Prot group develops and maintains a number of internationally renowned resources including UniProt, a resource of protein sequences and functional annotation (with partners EMBL-EBI and PIR), the PROSITE and HAMAP resources for protein classification and annotation, the ENZYME resource for enzyme nomenclature, the Rhea resource of biochemical reactions, and the ViralZone resource of viral biology.
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Alan BridgeLydie Bougueleret

Dr Alan Bridge            Dr Lydie Bougueleret