Genome Odyssey: A theatrical journey through scientific research

Spearheaded by SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics' Group Leader Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas and in partnership with Group Leader Laurent Excoffier, Genome Odyssey is a theater play inspired by the scientists' recent paper in Nature on Australia’s peopling. It is inviting the public to a journey through our genome and origins.

From 18 October to 19 November at the Museum of Ethnography in Geneva, the theater play Genome Odyssey (Génome Odyssée in French) will bring children and adults alike to a journey to the origin of humankind, to meet the Aboriginal Australians. Between scientific communication and dreamlike ambulation, this show proposes to explore our DNA to meet our ancestors.

This Agora* project results from an encounter between Prof. Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas, SIB Group Leader and professor at the University of Lausanne, and Ludovic Payet, actor and artistic director of the company LUCA2084. The play is written by Dominique Ziegler, directed by Joan Mompart and performed by Magali Heu and David Gobet.

*Agora is an SNFS scientific communication funding scheme, which aims to encourage "researchers to communicate their current research to a non-specialist audience."

Link to Genome Odyssey's website (EN and FR)
Link to the press release of the scientific paper in Nature