ELIXIR / SIB Innovation & SME Forum: great occasion to exchange with industry

The ELIXIR / SIB Innovation and SME Forum took place in Basel on 9 June 2015 under the headline 'Data-driven innovation in the pharma and biotech industries'. The Forum was an exceptional occasion to exchange with industry and was organized alongside [BC]2 by SIB and ELIXIR.

Speakers came from academia and industry and gave interesting examples of their services and collaborations. Over 70 participants attended the event. Some of them gave very positive feedbacks such as: "I wanted to thank you for giving me the possibility to participate in the ELIXIR Forum. It was a very interesting and perfectly organized event and I learned a lot and could make interesting connections." "I wanted to thank the entire team — I enjoyed the meeting, made good connections, and expect to start several new translational bioinformatics projects as the result of the meeting."
Participating companies included Novartis, Sanofi, Lonza Bioscience, 4-Antibody AG, ALK, IBM, QIAGEN and many more.