All positions in SIB groups will be advertised on the SIB Careers page hosted by Refline, an E-recruitment system. Please note that for non-SIB groups only bioinformatics-related jobs will be published.

Duration of the job posting:

The job advertisement will be automatically removed on the application deadline or 3 months after the job submission date if no application deadline is indicated.
If you wish to extend the application deadline, please send us a request stating the job title, the job contact person and a new deadline.

Handling of applications:

For positions paid by SIB, candidates will apply directly via Refline, through which the recruitment will be managed. You will receive further instructions about the use of Refline once your position is posted.

For positions paid by partner or other institutions (Universities, ETH, EPFL etc.), candidates will apply via the system in place at this institution, which is accessible from the job advertisement. The recruitment will be managed through this same system as well.

Submission form:

Please use the below form to advertise your job vacancy on the SIB Careers page.