A new Internal Group, Core-IT, is now bringing SIB’s existing IT-related expertise under one roof, with a specific focus on data protection, quality assurance and information security. Together with the recognized excellence of Vital-IT in bioinformatics services and research support, SIB is thus expanding its offer to address the complete computational needs of today’s life scientists.

“Today, when life scientists are dealing with data, they often need to address three concerns: How can I get access to computing and storage resources? Where can I get support for correctly managing my data and results? How can I make sure that the data are sufficiently protected and that I comply with the right security and data protection standards? With the creation of Core-IT, we bring SIB’s expertise in these domains together to provide a comprehensive support to scientists”, says Heinz Stockinger, Head of the new Group.

From setting up infrastructure services for the Swiss research community in the context of SPHN, to dedicating HPC support to hospitals in the context of clinical bioinformatics activities, SIB has already demonstrated its abilities on these various fronts.

Core-IT therefore aims to bring these competences a step further, by building on the existing expertise of 11 SIB Employees previously spread across several groups – including four at SIB’s Vital-IT Group, a leading provider of bioinformatics services to Swiss and international life scientists and projects.   

With over 40 employees, Vital-IT will continue to develop its project collaborations with strong added-value, bringing expertise in data analysis, data management, software development, code optimization or web technologies. It will also continue to act as the point of contact for its external partners who need bioinformatics services supported by HPC, thanks to a close collaboration with Core-IT.

“Together with the established excellence of Vital-IT, the creation of Core-IT reinforces and expands our competences in order to address the growing bioinformatics needs of the life science community”, says Executive Director Christine Durinx.

Placed under the leadership of Heinz Stockinger, Core-IT is constituted of three focus areas: compute & storage infrastructure (led by Roberto Fabbretti); SIB IT services (led by Vassilios Ioannidis) and data protection & quality assurance (led by Heinz Stockinger). The Group also acts as the coordinator of the Lausanne BioMedIT Node.

More information on the activities and services proposed by these two SIB Core facilities