Protein Spotlight...?

In 2000, a group of protein scientists from SIB’s Swiss-Prot Group decided to pick one protein out of the hundreds of thousands that exist, and write about it on a monthly basis. A blog written in English, maintained by Science Writer Vivienne Baillie Gerritsen and blending biology and literature, was born.

Today: a popular science blog

Throb’, ‘The geometry of intelligence’, ‘The making of crooked’, ‘Life, a subtle balance’... Almost 20 years on, over 200 articles have been written and Protein Spotlight has thousands of readers across the world: researchers, students, teachers, journalists and the odd amateur life scientist...

The Naked Protein, a book for your shelf

Over the years, readers have expressed their interest in a collection of the articles in book form for themselves, their students, or as a source to refer to. A special edition of the 100 most acclaimed Protein Spotlight articles, in the shape of a beautiful book, seemed therefore in the natural order of things.

Why we need your help

SIB is a non-profit institution and all Protein Spotlight articles are online and distributed for free. The sum collected via the crowdfunding platform wemakeit will cover all the publication stages of 1000 copies of “The Naked Protein”, as well as the packaging and sending of the rewards anywhere in the world.

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