Human ancestors impacted biodiversity much earlier than previously thought

Human-driven biodiversity declines started much earlier than previously thought: this is what a recent study led by researchers from Switzerland, Sweden and the UK points to. Using fossil records spanning millions of years, the team disentangled the most plausible causes for the diversity decline observed in large African carnivores.

Latest Protein Spotlight: Backlash

Toxic compounds that find their way into microorganisms are usually funnelled out by what are known as efflux pumps. These pumps pose one problem for humans however, and that is drug resistance. One such pump is the Trichophyton rubrum ABC multidrug transporter MDR3.

Unravelling arthropod genomic diversity over 500 million years of evolution

An international team of scientists report in the journal Genome Biology results from a pilot project, co-led by SIB Group Leader Robert Waterhouse at the University of Lausanne, to kick-start the global sequencing initiative of thousands of arthropods

Improved genome assemblies guided by evolution

SIB Scientists demonstrate how genome-comparison-based evolutionary approaches can be used to improve draft assemblies.