November Virtual Seminar by Joshua L. Payne: an interview

The hills and valleys of evolution
During the course of the 20th Century, the American population geneticist Sewall Wright was the first to depict evolution as landscapes...

November publications

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Zooming into our metabolism

Every minute, each one of our trillions of cells carries out countless chemical reactions to convert food into energy, build proteins and eliminate toxic waste for instance. Taken as a whole, all these reactions make up our metabolism. But by which underlying mechanisms is it regulated?

Latest Protein Spotlight: On mar and motion

Movement is what sustains life. Organisms need to move to find food, seek shelter and to reproduce. Mobility is also essential inside organisms where cells are continuously dividing and migrating. There is also unceasing movement inside every cell where myriads of molecules are being trafficked, and cellular compartments of all shapes and sizes shifted. What keeps things moving?

Increasing the impact of SIB’s bioinformatics resources

What does it imply to increase the impact of a bioinformatics resource when its scientific relevance is already established and recognized? Since February 2018, a dedicated SIB team has been working hand-in-hand with resource developers to create a best-practice toolkit that will help them to grow their user base and share their know-how with the community.

Precision medicine and the role of bioinformatics: four short films to understand

Bioinformatics is fundamental to precision medicine. But why? How do hospitals and researchers benefit from bioinformatics to help patients? Canal9 TV Channel, the Oncology department of UNIL/CHUV and SIB all set out together to find answers to these exact questions.

October publications

Take a tour of SIB members' latest peer-reviewed articles and conference proceedings

Decoding the genome of the wheat stem sawfly, a major agricultural pest

What makes the wheat stem sawfly such a major pest in the grasslands of North America? An international study co-led by SIB researchers at the University of Lausanne unravels its genome...