Season's greetings and our very best wishes for 2019!

With the new year approaching, and the temperature dropping, discover what Nature has in stock to protect life from cold.

Latest Protein Spotlight: Ice whisperer

No one likes the cold. Humans wear scarves, fur boots, quilted coats and woollen hats to keep the harshness of winter out while other creatures grow their own fur or line their bodies with a thick layer of blubber...

SIB is shaping the future of its pioneer bioinformatics core facility

Fifteen years after its creation, Vital-IT – one of SIB’s largest groups and Switzerland’s earliest bioinformatics core facility – continues to evolve. Find out how the Group is consolidating its position as the reference in bioinformatics for biomedical data in particular, and meet its new director Mark Ibberson.

ISMB/ECCB and [BC]2 – a bioinformatics summer in 2019

Switzerland will host two major bioinformatics conferences in 2019: ISMB/ECCB 2019 and [BC]2. SIB is involved in the organisation of both conferences, yet on different levels.

Enhanced enzyme annotation in UniProtKB using Rhea

Integrating biological and chemical knowledge for a more complete understanding of biological systems – and better links between SIB and ELIXIR Core Data Resources.

Happy birthday, SWISS-MODEL! 25 years of 3D protein homology modelling

Take a closer look at an SIB Resource dedicated to making protein modelling accessible to life scientists from around the world: on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, we put a few questions to the SWISS-MODEL development team...

Switzerland: a good place to be to study ancient bones

The genomic history of the Americas’ peopling was recently uncovered from ancient DNA by a team of over 50 researchers, with SIB Group Leader Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas at the University of Lausanne co-leading the bioinformatics analyses.

Deep learning: a leap forward for protein structure prediction

This week, several deep learning methods have led to remarkable advances at the global event for the evaluation of protein structure prediction methods: the 13th CASP experiment. Torsten Schwede and Matteo Dal Peraro, two SIB Group Leaders involved on the organizational and evaluation side of CASP13, tell us more.