Mini Symposium - LS2 Annual Meeting 2021

Event Start Date 18 Feb 2021 14:20
Event End Date 18 Feb 2021 16:20
Location Geneva, Switzerland

Title: Precision Medicine and Biomarkers: The Quest for Gold



Precision medicine can be described as treating patients based on their own characteristics (molecular or other) rather than treating everyone with a disease or condition in the same way. Biomarkers are the patient measurements or characteristics which enable health care professionals to build a specific profile for each patient and inform decisions on prognosis or treatment options. The quest for disease biomarkers is increasingly moving away from traditional single blood markers to building predictive or prognostic patient profiles derived from many thousands of readouts such as plasma peptides, lipids or metabolites. The challenge is to find new biomarkers that have an additive or complementary effect compared to established biomarkers and that can be used in the clinic to predict future disease, progression, drug response and complications.

This mini symposium will explore current approaches for biomarker discovery and precision medicine, addressing clinical, technical and bioinformatics aspects. There will be two invited speakers followed by a series of short talks selected from submitted abstracts.