Event Start Date 08 Nov 2022 9:00
Event End Date 10 Nov 2022 18:00
URL Website
Location Basel, Switzerland

BioTechX is Europe’s largest congress covering diagnostics, precision medicine and digital transformation in pharmaceutical development and healthcare.

BioTechX brings together an amalgamation of genomics, translational medicine, data scientists, IT, bioinformaticians, cheminformaticians, clinicians, healthcare and pharma companies. The event showcases innovation, demonstrates success and break through the obstacles and barriers to ensure that the innovations in genomics and big data, enter the clinic with speed and efficiency.

SIB Group Leaders will present:

  • Federated analysis for biomarker discovery and beyond, Mark Ibberson
    Tuesday 8 Nov, 12:25
  • Handling sensitive patient data across Switzerland, Valérie Barbié
    Tuesday 8 Nov, 12:25
  • BiomedIT: Switzerland's secure IT environment for sensitive data, Katrin Crameri
    Tuesday 8 Nov, 16:45
  • FAIR in the Swiss personalized health network (SPHN), Sabine Österle
    Wednesday 9 Nov, 17:25

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