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What do we do?

At the Swiss-Prot Group we develop, annotate and maintain the UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot protein sequence database, the most widely used protein information resource in the world. We also develop and maintain other databases including PROSITE, a database of protein families and domains, ENZYME, a database of enzyme nomenclature, HAMAP , a collection of manually curated family profiles for protein classification, and associated, manually created annotation rules, RHEA, a curated database of chemical reactions and SwissLipids, an expert-curated resource that integrates lipidomics data with biological knowledge. We also offer to the virologists community the ViralZone portal. The group also co-heads the development and maintenance of the ExPASy proteomics website. We are one of the largest groups in the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

Highlights 2015

Our group continues to produce and maintain the Swiss-Prot section of the UniProt knowledgebase. During the course of 2015, specific emphasis was given to the curation of human protein variants and association with genetic diseases. Approximately 74,000 human SAPs (Single amino-acid polymorphism) are described in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, more than 38,000 of which are enriched by annotations describing involvement in disease and functional characteristics of the variants.
The team continued to develop the SwissLipids knowledgebase for lipid chemistry and biology adding over 100 new lipid classes and 60,000 new lipid structures as well as information and extensive curated links to proteins (UniProtKB) and metabolism (Rhea) sourced from over 400 publications. The group also released a new version of the Rhea website which will form the basis for the development of new tools and interfaces serving the systems modelling communities.
Our group continues our SIB outreach and educational activities. The web-team plays an active and extensive role in the development of the SIB bioinformatics resource portal ExPASy, while our knowledge resource for virus biology “ViralZone” forms the basis for the development of specialized e-learning courses in partnership with FAO and the Vital-IT team.

Main publications 2015

  • Aimo L et al. The SwissLipids knowledgebase for lipid biology. Bioinformatics  2015;31(17):2860-6.
  • UniProt Consortium. UniProt: a hub for protein information. Nucleic Acids Res 2015;43(Database issue):D204-12.
  • Hulo C et al. A structured annotation frame for the transposable phages: a new proposed family “Saltoviridae” within the Caudovirales. Virology 2015;477:155-63.

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