SIB is offering a series of bi-monthly on-site/online seminars on Computational Biology to allow bioinformaticians, life scientists and clinicians to:

  • Learn more about SIB’s research and resources in the fields of bioinformatics, biostatistics, biocuration and computational biology
  • Get together on-site and discuss innovative tools and methodologies in the fields developed by SIB and external experts
  • Benefit from broadcast technology.

Each seminar is broadcast and remotely available to allow scientists to:

Upcoming seminars

  • Amos Bairoch, Department of Human Protein Science, Computer and Laboratory Investigation
    of Proteins of Human Origin (CALIPHO)
    , UNIGE & SIB
    Cell lines: bioinformatics, contaminations and human interest stories
    24 May 2017, 16:00 - University of Lausanne, Genopode building

  • Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan & Michal Okoniewski, Scientific IT Services, ETHZ & SIB
    7 June 2017, 16:00 - ETHZ, HG Building, room HG D 16.2

  • Hubert Rehrauer, Functional Genomics Center, ETHZ, University of Zurich & SIB
    21 June 2017, 16:00 - University of Lausanne, Genopode building

Note: our seminars are open to everyone without registration.

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Diana Marek
Vital-IT, Training

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