SIB provides the necessary bioinformatics services and resources for scientists and clinicians from academia and industry in Switzerland and worldwide. The services include analysis of high-throughput data (genome/exome sequencing, RNA sequencing, proteomics), scientific support of (bio)medical projects, development of algorithms, biostatistics training, as well as access to computational space, helpdesk and support. In addition, SIB supports research in the Swiss Universities and University hospitals through more than 30 bioinformaticians embedded in various research labs so that they can benefit from state-of-the-art expertise and support in the field.

SIB develops and maintains more than 150 internationally recognized databases and software tools, which researchers worldwide use extensively.

Through eleven bioinformatics core facilities and high-performance computing (HPC) centres SIB provides bioinformatics and statistical support as well as services, expertise and infrastructure to life scientists.