SIB Group paves a new way to analyse protein knots

Some proteins form a specific knot when they fold into their native structures. The function of knots in proteins and the mechanism of their formation are still poorly understood. In order to study protein knots, it is necessary to identify knotted proteins and also pinpoint the location of knotted regions.

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First international proposal to sustain core data resources: a revolution in motion

Some things in life sciences are essential. UniProt, for example, is a world reference resource for protein sequence and function, which receives over 900,000 requests per month. Its expert curated section is mainly maintained and developed by SIB’s Swiss-Prot Group.

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Latest Protein Spotlight: Becoming one

There are different ways of producing progeny. In eukaryotes, the most widespread method is for two reproductive cells of the opposite sex to meet and fuse. This may sound straightforward but mating is never an easy affair. Not only must the two cells belong to the same species but they must also make sure that they belong to different mating-types.

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How species arise: a mathematical answer

Predicting when and how species arise is now possible with a new theoretical model using genome-wide data, developed by SIB researcher Simon Aeschbacher and colleagues. The study was published yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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A gene increases the severity of common colds

Researchers funded by the SNSF have discovered mutations that worsen respiratory infections among children. Their study explain the mechanism involved.

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Latest Protein Spotlight: Seeing through the murk

We need light to see. There are times, though, when things are so gloomy it is difficult for light to shine through. So, to beat the darkness, either we create our own light or adapt to the lack of it. In Nature, the natural habitat of many vertebrates is water - sea water or fresh water.

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The SPHN Data Coordination Centre is expanding its team

The Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) is a national initiative designed to promote the development of personalized health in Switzerland. As a part of it, the Data Coordination Centre, led by SIB under the supervision of the National Steering Board, will establish nationwide interoperability of molecular and clinical data to enable personalized health research.

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SIB’s first hackathon: an augmented reality game to kill pain

‘Build a 3D virtual/augmented reality app to help understand life science.’ With this goal in mind, the sixteen participants in SIB’s first bioinformatics hackathon put their heads together to ‘gamify’ science on 13-14 May 2017 at the Campus Biotech in Geneva.

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Taming the BEAST – A community teaching material resource for BEAST 2

As the amount of sequencing data increases there is a growing demand for the skills and experience to confidently conduct phylogenetic and phylodynamic analyses. PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from Prof. Stadler’s group launched an initiative to fill this gap and provide the resources necessary to learn how to perform analyses with the Bayesian phylogenetic software package BEAST2.

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Latest Protein Spotlight: Sweet Poison

Where there is a will, there is a way. We have all faced situations that seem hopeless yet, given time and determination, we end up finding a solution. Nature tackles apparent dead ends by using the forces that drive evolution. In this way, features that could appear to be disabling - when considering predation, reproduction or self-defence for instance - are lifted by using well-chosen tactics.

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SIB, a national bioinformatics organization model

"SIB has become a reference throughout Europe with regard to its structure and organization, and the Institute is frequently approached by countries seeking guidance to create their own national bioinformatics infrastructure."

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‘Bioinformatics for all’ in May: many happy faces

Over 650 people, including school classes, took part in our outreach activities around bioinformatics on the occasion of the University of Lausanne Open House (Mystères de l’UNIL) and the Night of the Museums in Geneva, on 18-21 May. The two events were a great success with new visitors and many others who return to the SIB booth year after year.

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Our latest newsletter is out

A distinguished SIB scientist, an update on the personalized health front and the secret of a lizard’s colour...

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SIB Group Leader Prof. Xenarios is among the 100 distinguished personalities in Western Switzerland

Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Journalists, Artists... Each year, the Forum des 100 lists and brings together 100 personalities who contribute to the dynamism and spirit of innovation of Western Switzerland.
Prof. Ioannis Xenarios is among the laureates of the 13th edition being held today at the University of Lausanne...

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